Child Protection is everyone’s Business

Build a World Where All chilldren Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Child Protection Network is a network of Non -Governmental Organizations and government agencies working together to prevent and respond to cases of abuse. It was established by UNICEF and government on the February 2011 in Lagos State.
CPN is represented in 20 Local Governments in Lagos and across Nigeria.



  • Promote a cohesive and coordinated approach to the design, implementation and resourcing of child rights advocacy and child protection responses at State, LGA and community level.


  • Contribute to member’s knowledge and understanding of child rights and child protection through sharing of evidence-based practice and development of common strategies, training and communication materials.


  • Inform Government, donors, INGOs and NGOs about the conditions and the needs of children at State and community level, highlighting gaps in child protection measures and constraints due to lack of access to resources.


  • Contribute to the development of national child protection policy and related State/LGA-level planning processes.

Enhance participation of children in policy, advocacy and programme work related to their health and well-being.

What We Do


— We Train

By organizing regular trainings for members to equip their knowledge on rescue, data documentation and monitoring at all levels


— We Research

To provide innovative solutions and resource to help strengthen systems and structures within the space of child protection field for effective programming.


— We Educate.

By sensitizing and creating awareness in schools on child safeguard and child’s rights law.


— We Refer

Develop and provide pathways and reporting procedures for effective service provision


— We Map

Establish LGA coordinators in all LGAs in Lagos state for effective coordination of activities on child protection



— We Collaborate

Through partnership with Ministry of Youths and Social Development and Ministry of Justice especially Citizen’s right and Office of the Public Defendant to provide justice for survivors of abuse

Impact Stories

Rescued 1, 450 children between 2011-2021
Rehabilitated 651 children between
Provide intervention for 4,215 children during COVID-19
Sensitized 50,000 children on Child Right Law between 2011-2021
Establish coordinators in 20 local governments for rescue mission


Contact us

If you wish to contact us regarding any of our projects or donation matters then feel free to drop us an email using the form below or give us a call at our head office.


12,Industrial Estate Road Illupeju by PZ industries off Town Planning Way, Oshodi Lagos


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